I'm living now and living loud

watched a youtube video in class today about “male discrimination” and then a shit ton of boys raised their hands and were like “yeah not all guys are pedophiles that’s sexist” and this was the only response that came to mind

and then we talked about sexual harassment at the work place and another boy suggested having a male and female manager so women could feel more comfortable complaining to the female manager about being harassed by the male manager and then another GIRL suggested quitting if u get sexually harassed or like HOW ABOUT SOMEONE FIRES HIM AND THROWS HIS CRIMINAL ASS IN JAIL FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT and then i got angry and felt like throwing up and honestly started tearing up and realized how much work still needs to be done and how overwhelming it is and where the fuck do you even begin with groups and situations like this and then the worst part is that i felt bad for getting angry

Brett Helquist’s illustrations for A Series of Unfortunate Events 

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my life is srsly so vanilla these days i miss having ridiculous crushes and i miss watching shitty movies with great pals and i miss eating ben & jerrys whenever i wanted and i miss the taste of cheap vodka mixed with crangrape and i miss just being excited about anything ever